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Animals and Pets

We are often asked to undertake animal photography, which is a particularly enjoyable element of our work.


Every pet or animal has its own character and this is something that we believe should be evident in our photography.  We hope to capture your pet's unique personality and characteristics in deeply personalised, high-quality pictures of which you can rightly be proud.


We like to shoot outdoors or in the home as these are familiar environments in which your animals can feel safe and be themselves.  Whether your animal has a larger than life personality or "lap cat", we aim to do something more creative and imaginative than typical studio photography.  We mainly work with dogs, cats and other domestic pets, but we have also been asked to photograph farm animals and the more unusual pets, such as ornamental ducks and birds of prey.


Whether you would like us to photograph your new kittens or your prize-winning bull, we aim to provide a professional service which will immortalise your animal's unique traits and character.  


Prices are £50 per hourly session, irrespective of the number of animals you wish us to photograph.  This price includes a CD of all photography, but excludes the cost of any photo printing you may require.