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Sports photography


Sports photography is one of the few remaining pure forms of documentary photography.


The moment happens and it is gone. You either capture it in an image or you don't.


We have experience of sports photography, particularly football and cricket - but also swimming, diving, equestrianism, cycling and athletics.  Some of our work has been featured in programmes and promotional campaigns, as well as club websites.


Sports photography pricing varies according to what exactly you want.  The number of photographers you require and the duration of the event will obviously effect the price.  As a basic guide, we charge £50 per hour per photographer although we are open to negotiation.


We are happy to work either alone or under your direction.  Either way, you can be sure that we will capture everything you want from the event.  


Please take a look at our sports gallery below, which gives an indication of the standard and quality of our work.  (Please click on image to enlarge)